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Glasses Made For the

Digital World

Our story

We are Freedom Eyewear

We started FRDM Eyewear in 2018, as a solution for spending way too many hours in front of a digital screen from working online. One year later, our screen glasses were born. Made from the best material available on the market to assure comfort, style and sustainability and most of all protect your eyes from the harmful blue light!

Best Seller

Screen Glasses

Why Screen glasses?

Reduce Eye Fatigue and Blurry Vision

Improve your Sleep

Alleviate Headache and Migraine

Enhance your Wellbeing

Comfort your Eyes

Stylish and Unique Look

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Wonder how they would look on you?


Questions and Answers

  • Do you sell prescription glasses?

    We are proud to say that we now offer single vision prescription on all of our models!

    Click Here To Shop Prescription

  • Is there any delivery delays due to Covid-19?

    Fortunately, we are not experiencing any delays due to Covid-19 for the moment. If you have any questions concerning a delivery, feel free to contact a member of our team directly at :support@frdmeyewear.com

  • How long does it take to receive my shippment?

    At FRDM Eyewear, your orders are usually fulfilled the next business day.

    If you have selected the free shipping option here's the shipping delays: 

    Canada: 2 to 7 business day

    USA:  5 to 8 business day

    Allow +5 business day for prescription lenses production

  • How do I choose the right model for me?

     -If you already wear glasses, you can compare your existing frame measurements with our to make sure it fits you. The measurements are located inside the temple (for example: 49-19-145).

    - Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you with choose the right frame. Our team will answer all your questions to give you the best fit and style possible.

    How to reach us?

    1. directly in our  Instagram DM's (@frdm.eyewear)

    2. By Email at: support@frdmeyewear.com.

  • Do you accept return and exchange?

    If your glasses does not fit, you are eligible for an exchange within 30 days of receipt, providing they are in original resalable condition.

    See our Return Section for more information about returns

  • Do I need a valid prescription?

    Your prescription order will only be fulfilled if you can provide a valid prescription .